sábado, junio 24, 2006

Top ten "The most stupid thing"

Haciendo una búsqueda en Google los resultados ofrecidos son

Display Message (Curioso, no?)

Re: The most stupid thing you've done with Lua? (Que o quien c*** es Lua)

Yahoo! Answers - What's the most stupid thing you've ever done? (Mi contestación seria, cual de ellas?)

minishorts.net >> The Stupid thing I did for love (ejem, a cual peor)

Some things from in my head » Blog Archive » The most stupid thing ... (y nos deja con el interrogante)

Guardian Unlimited | Science | Party hard (tres cosas pipeadas?)

Most Stupid thing you have drove [Archive] - XtremeSystems Forums (jejeje, esta promete)

Do the simplest thing that could possibly work (Segurísimo)

What is the most pathetic/stupidest thing you've heard antis say ...(Cualquier discurso político vale?)

MP3.com - the source for digital music! (ouch! by Homer Simpson)


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